Can I get Abortion pills in Massachusetts ?

Did you know that the abortion pill is now available in Massachusstes? It is! And as it becomes more available and accessible to people across the country, there are naturally lots of questions about it. This post covers some of our most frequently asked questions about the abortion pill.

Q: What is Abortion Kit?

MTP kit or Abortion kit (mifegymiso in Canada) , also known as Mifepristone in other places in the world, is a medical abortion drug you take orally. It can be used to end pregnancies of up to 9 weeks. (If you are more than 9 weeks pregnant, you will likely need to look into other abortion methods:).

MTP kit is a package that contains two drugs:

  1. Mifepristone which stops the pregnancy from continuing, and
  2. Misoprostol which expels the pregnancy tissue.

MTP kit comes in a box with one mifepristone tablet, and 4 misoprostol. First you take the one mifepristone tablet. About 24-48 hours later you take the 4 misoprostol tablets by putting them between your cheek and your gums and letting them dissolve. They should dissolve after half an hour. The pregnancy tissue generally releases within 24 hours.

Even though Canada just approved MTP kit  (Mifegymiso) it’s been used in countries all over the world for years.

Q: How Can I Get It?

MTP kit Abortion pills can be recommended for people who are up to 9 weeks pregnant. You can only get it with a prescription.  This can come from any clinician who has taken the training to administer the drug. But from our site you can place order for MTP kit, we will send your Pills at your shipping address.

We provide all kind of Shipping – Express , Overnight and same day delivery.

Q: Are there any side-effects?

MTP kit Abortion pills, a medical abortion procedure, which, like any medication, affects people differently.

Common side-effects could include:

  • breast tenderness
  • chills or hot flushes
  • diarrhea
  • fatigue
  • headache
  • dizziness, nausea or vomiting

Remember to check with your clinician if you notice any symptoms that you’re concerned about.


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